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Let me illustrate why carefully contain the coronavirus is the best strategy for a country like Taiwan

Photo: Vivian @ TPE

Viral FB post: strategy toward COVID-19 in a game

A friend of mine shared a recent viral FB post in Taiwan to me. The post used game theory to discuss how countries use different strategies toward COVID-19. It especially compared the UK’s mitigate strategy with Taiwan’s careful containment approach.

Sadly, the game theory concept used in the post was not accurate at all. To my surprise, it was “liked” over 5,900 times and shared elsewhere for over 5,200 times. I can’t resist to at least inform the writer of the post what went wrong.


I first left some comments in the original FB post to remind him how different…

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It may be the best thing you can do when facing problems

Photo by Oussama Zaidi on Unsplash

Have you encountered customers or supervisors who will not stop bugging you for work after your working hours? They would think of something and text you over SMS.

I am sure all of us have this kind of experience. If it is not something that is taking too much of our private time, I am sure none of us sees it as an issue. But it becomes a headache if it happened too frequently and takes up too much time.

What do you do about it then?

I recommend setting up a new rule of the game with them to…

Everyone is a salesperson — the only difference is if you are a good one or a lousy one

Photo by fauxel on Pexels

When I was young, my father introduced me to the idea that everyone is a salesperson.

He said, ”Everyone is a salesperson, one way or another.”

I was too young to grasp the concept at the time altogether. But it started to make sense to me after I have some working experiences.

I can name a few examples. A food stall cashier sells food to his clients. A lawyer sells her legal services to her clients. A writer sells his writings to his readers. A product/project manager sells his product and solution solving skills to his clients or project teams…

Photo: Bun Lee, a flavoured artist in music, photos, and videos.


Learning and defining boundaries could help us establishing healthier relationships

Photo: Bun Lee, a flavoured artist in music, photos, and videos.

Do you know where the boundaries are? To behave appropriately, it is crucial to understand where the boundaries are. To protect your space, it is crucial to know how and when to draw a line.

I am not saying we have to draw a hard line, and I acknowledge that boundaries are hard to define sometimes — it varies among countries, cultures, groups and even individuals.

Just ask yourself if you feel violated in a situation. If you felt violated or mistreated, the chances that someone is crossing the line and pushing your boundaries are high.

Good fences make good…

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


Let’s embrace mistakes with sincerity and honesty — a better strategy

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Have you ever made a mistake? Had a slip of the tongue and called the wrong names or said the wrong things? Carried away and made an inappropriate speech on social media or in public?

Perhaps you were confused or simply not at your best place when you made the mistake. Even if it was a minor mistake, you feel embarrassed. Frustrated. Panic.

What do you do when this happens?

There are a few courses of action you can take when that happened:

  1. You can pretend nothing had happened and wish it to fade away
  2. You can try to explain…

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