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Let me illustrate why carefully contain the coronavirus is the best strategy for a country like Taiwan

Photo: Vivian @ TPE

Viral FB post: strategy toward COVID-19 in a game

A friend of mine shared a recent viral FB post in Taiwan to me. The post used game theory to discuss how countries use different strategies toward COVID-19. It especially compared the UK’s mitigate strategy with Taiwan’s careful containment approach.

Sadly, the game theory concept used in the post was…

Learning and defining boundaries could help us establishing healthier relationships

Photo: Bun Lee, a flavoured artist in music, photos, and videos.

Do you know where the boundaries are? To behave appropriately, it is crucial to understand where the boundaries are. To protect your space, it is crucial to know how and when to draw a line.

I am not saying we have to draw a hard line, and I acknowledge that…

Vivian Fang

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